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Puppy planning

Besides all activities and competitions, we also breed with our dogs. Of course we don't just do this, we really look at the lines a dog comes from, where it fits best. But of course also to character traits and appearance. 

Below you will find our planned combinations and our old litters.

Click on the dog's name for more information about that dog. Enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

Planned combinations

Eskax xenon

Ouders: Eska x Mufasa & Scar

Geboren: 26-04-2024

Aantal: 5


Windstorm, Waterfall, Earthquake, Fireball, Soulmate

Planned combinations

Previous litters

Eskax xenon

Ouders: Nahani x Goda

Geboren: 20-02-24

Teven / Reuen: 1 / 4


Quinto, Joy, Voodoo, Chaka, Eagar

Eskax xenon

Ouders: Shila x Xenon

Geboren: 28-07-2023

Teven / Reuen: 2/ 2


Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

Theme: "Super Mario Bros"

Coverings successful: Yes

Expected: mid-May 2023

Confirmed: Not yet, Friday 14-04-2023 ultrasound.