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Family tree name: Sirirosca Blitzen

Date of birth: 25-12-2017

Breeder: Siebren Moolenaar (Netherlands)

Sex: Reu

Position in team:Team

Mother: Spring

Nestmate: Comet

About Blitz: 

Blitz came to live with us in March 2022 together with his brother Comet. 

Where he came from he sometimes joined the 2nd competition team, so we expected him to join us in the competition team. Unfortunately, he does not succeed and he joins the recreational team. Blitz has badly damaged intestines, so he is always very thin. So we also have to be very careful with feeding and because of this he doesn't get enough energy to work at top level. Fortunately, he doesn't mind relaxing in the kennel and a 4km round in front of the cart is more than enough...!

We had Blitz neutered in February 2023. 


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