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Family tree name: Mowat v. Takoshan

Date of birth: 27-08-2020

breeder: Raymondo Bosch (Netherlands)

Sex: Reu

Position in team: Wheel (Competition Team) 




About Mowat: 

Mowat came to Nanoek as a puppy when she was 8 weeks old and has been part of Nanoek's life ever since. He conquers everyone's hearts with his lovely hug and mischievous face. In the kennel he is very annoying and busy and in the house he is super relaxed and social, that's why we always have Mowat in the house with us!


Due to Mowat's large build, he didn't walk much in his first official season, we really wanted to give him the space to grow well. In the 2022/2023 season, however, he has made up for this and has played every match as a wheeler in Bart's competition team. 


Mowat is also the father of several puppies, 1 litter outside and 2 litters here with us.  


Stamboom Mowat.png
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