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Family tree name: Cripple Creek's Guardian

Date of birth: 17-07-2022

breeder: Nanoek Tokkie (Netherlands)

Sex: Reu

Position in team: Not yet in training

Mother: Preza
Father: Mowat

Littermates: Galaxy,Big,Kaysa,Sami,Rocco,Nora&Yuka


About Guardian: 

Guardian originally belongs to Nanoek, but she gave it to one of her children. Guardian will always live at home with Nanoek in the kennels. 

Guardian was born here in the kennel, Guardian was already a nice climber as a puppy and he still is. due to climbing and looking for a fight, things went badly wrong recently, he had a large gaping hole at the back leg, Guardian probably had a fight with Groot, which is now going well again, but because of the hole he has been in the house for 3 weeks and is now back in the kennels and again together with Groot. 

Guardian is also a nice dog who can be naughty now and then, he can also be very sweet and you can cuddle with him. 


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